Friday, 1 June 2007

The project

I need want a decent laptop. The problem is that whist I am earning, It's only a part time job delivering pizzas (cliche), so I don't have too much cash at any one time.

Oh, I can't save. I'm very bad at saving money.

My friend has a Toshiba Equium m40x-189 laptop, a nice lappy running at 1.6ghz, 512mb ram and a 60GB HDD, however he's managed to completely wreck it.

  • Broken the DVD/RW drive clean off.
  • Smashed the screen
  • Various cracks in the body
  • HDD appears damaged, won't boot windows.
On the plus side, I know it's spent most of it's life plugged into the charger so the battery still works well.

Anyway, He's bought a new laptop and has let me take this one off his hands for the price of a few pints.

I intend to restore it to it's former glory over the next few months, buying parts when I have the cash.

I'm mainly blogging this all so I can remember how to reassemble the lappy after I tear it apart.

Pics of the original to follow.


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